Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Self defense tips and products for women

In Sri Lanka, a day doesn’t go by without a woman or girl being targeted by a flasher or pervert as they travel by public transport or even as they sit in their parked cars. This has become a serious problem but so many turn a blind eye when they witness such things happening.

Pepper spray and mace as far as I know are not available here in Sri lanka. If it was I’m sure many women including young girls would be carrying it with them. When those around you look the other way (as in most cases here) while someone harasses you it can be such a humiliating experience and leaves one feeling helpless and angry at the same time.

Many women and girls who are subjected to such treatment choose not to complain to the authorities since they know action will not be taken against the culprits and some refuse to complain since they do not want to put into an embarrassing position when they are asked to give in detail about the happenings of the incident.

The following are a few excerpts of stories to the sexual harassment many girls and women in Sri Lanka have to endure as they travel.

Below are a few useful videos on self defense tips and how to make a homemade pepper spray to help protect yourself as you travel.

© 2012 Suranee Perera


  1. This article is great for women. You are giving them good advise. Since most crimes are against women, more women should carry pepper spray or mace for self defense. It will decrease the chances of them being seriously injured during an attack.

    1. Thank you Frankie Muhammad for stopping by, reading and commenting and for the useful link.