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Home Remedies Using Rose Water

Rose water has been used since ancient times for its wide range of benefits.

It’s used for flavoring foods, to enhance the scents in perfumes and air fresheners, in bathing and religious rituals.

Rose water has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which is why it's become a popular product to apply on skin.

Rose water is a by-product of rose oil. Rose oil is produced when rose petals and water are distilled together. Apart from the oil, another liquid produced is rose water. 

Rose Water to Flavor Food

Baklava, Turkish delight, Mango Lassi and Marzipan are just a few foods rose water is added to enhance its flavor.

Rose Water to Scent Perfumes and Air fresheners

Because of its fresh and clean scent, rose water is used as a popular fragrance in perfumes and air fresheners.

Some perfumes give out an over powering smell when mixed with body sweat. Perfumes containing rose water rarely do.

Air fresheners and candles made with rose water are ideal to remove the bad odors in a room. If you’re unable to find air fresheners or candles containing rose water fill a few small glass jars or glass pots with rose water and place it in each room.

Rose Water for Bathing

Since rose water kills bacteria and germs some women spray it on their body after a shower or take a bath in it.

How to Make Rose Water Spray

  • Rose Water – ½ cup
  • Witch hazel – 2 teaspoons
  • Distilled Water – ½ cup
  • 1 Spray Bottle


Place all the ingredients into the spray bottle. Close the cap on the spray bottle and shake for 1 ½ minutes. Spray the liquid on the body after a bath or shower.

How to Make a Rose Water Bath

Fill the tub with warm water and add ½ cup rose water and 1 teaspoon honey.  Soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes.

Some women use rose water to treat dark circles around their eyes.

Rose Water to treat Dark Circles on Eyes

Wet two cotton pads with rosewater and place on each closed eye lid. Leave on for 15 minutes. Do this treatment thrice a week. It may take several weeks to see results.

Rose Water is also used to treat Acne and delay the onset of wrinkles.

Mix together ½ cup of rose water, ¼ cup witch hazel and glycerin. Apply on clean face using cotton. If you have oily skin only add a drop of glycerin and if you have dry skin use 3 to 4 drops.

Rose Water used in Religious Ceremonies

Rose water is used during the Mahshirvrati festival celebrated by the Hindus to bathe the statue of their god Shiva.

How to Make Rosewater

You will need:
  • 10 cups red or pink rose petals
  • A Pyrex bowl large enough to hold the rose petals and water
  • Distilled water
  • A brick
  • A pot (should be large enough to hold the Pyrex bowl and brick) with lid
  • Ice cubes

Place the pot on the stove.

Lay the brick in the center of the pot.

Fill the pot with the rose petals until it reaches to the same level as the brick.

Place the Pyrex bowl on top of the brick.

Cover the rose petals with water.

Turn on the stove and heat the water on low heat. Close the pot with the lid but make sure the lid is placed upside down.

Place the ice cubes on top of the inverted lid. Ice cubes are used so that when the hot steam released from the water reaches the lid it will condense and drop into the Pyrex bowl.

Once the water has simmered all that remains will be the liquid which has collected in the Pyrex bowl. This liquid is the rose water.

If refrigerated, rose water can be kept for 3 weeks. But if stored at room temperature it should be discarded after 7 days.

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