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Home Remedies using Vanilla

Source: B.navez
The vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) plant is a climbing vine which produces long green colored pods that contain vanilla beans.

The pods are picked from the vine when it grows to about 5-8 inches and are light yellow in color. It is blanched in hot boiling water and then dried in the sun until it turns brown.

The vanilla beans are then removed from the pods and made into an extract/essence which is used to flavor a variety of foods including cakes, puddings, ice cream and chocolates.

Vanilla is packed with vitamins A and C and minerals like copper, magnesium and calcium.
In ancient times men would drink a concoction made of vanilla to treat male potency problems.

Vanilla extract is said to be a powerful remedy for nausea. Adding two drops of vanilla extract into a glass of water and slowly sipping it is claimed by some to help reduce nausea.

Vanilla is considered by some as an aphrodisiac and a mood enhancer which soothes stress and minimizes anxiety.

Because of the many health benefits vanilla has to offer the extract is also used in soaps, perfumes, and aromatherapy including scenting candles.

Burning vanilla scented candles in a room can put one in a romantic mood and ease tension and worry. If you’re unable to find such candles you can fill a pot with hot boiling water and add a few drops of vanilla extract. Set it on your bedside table if you plan to breathe in the scent as you lay in bed.

Some people choose to relax in a chair while breathing in the scent and will place the pot on a table close by.

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