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How to Cleanse the Home with Herbs, Lemons and Lime

Some people are not comfortable with using housecleaning products which are made from chemicals for fear of infecting their home and family with toxins emitted out of it. Instead they prefer to use herbs which are safe and do not leave a harsh smell lingering in the air.
Some herbs are also used since it has the power to cleanse and remove negative energy which has stagnated within a home
Listed below are herbs and flowers commonly used to cleanse different areas of one’s home. Keep in mind that home cleaning products made from herbs, spices and flowers should be used immediately for its effects wear off after sometime and therefore becomes ineffective if stored for more than a day or two.
For Kitchen Sinks
Rose-Scented Scouring Powder
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon salt1 cup baking soda¼ cup rose petals
Place all the ingredients into a blender or grinder and crush into a powder. Wet the kitchen sink and generously sprinkle the powder in it and scrub. Rinse off with warm water.
For C…

Home Remedies for Pimples

Try any one of the remedies listed below to get rid of pimples. Make sure to first wash the face with warm water and a mild baby soap before applying any of the remedies on the pimple.
Dead Sea Mud Clay for pimples
Mix one teaspoon of mud clay and water to make a paste. Apply on the pimple and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.
Cinnamon and honey for pimples
Mix ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder with enough honey to make a paste. Apply on the pimple and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.
Green tea for pimples
Make a cup of green tea and pour in ice trays and place in freezer. Remove the ice cubes and run on the pimple. This is also a good remedy for oily blemished skin. Allow to dry naturally on skin.
Orange peel for pimples
Take an orange and peel it. Take the peel and add a few drops of water to it and pound it. Then rub on the face for 3 minutes especially areas where there are pimples and blemishes. Rinse off with cold water and pat dry.
Egg White Mask for P…

Home Remedies for Hiccups

Sugar for Hiccups
Place a teaspoon of sugar on your tongue and suck on it while it has all dissolved.
Peanut Butter for Hiccups
Place a tablespoon of peanut butter on your tongue and close your mouth. Hold for 5 seconds and then immediately swallow. Do not chew.
Holding Breath and Drinking Water for Hiccups
Hold your breath and immediately take 5 sips of water. Then exhale slowly. Do this 5 times.
Massaging Ears to treat Hiccups
Massage gently the ear lobes for a few minutes.
Massaging Eyes to treat Hiccups
Close both eyes and gently massage for a few minutes. You can also place pressure on both eyelid using the fingers and hold for a few seconds. Do this a few times.
Cotton bud for Hiccups
Take a cotton bud/swap and tickle the top of your mouth with it for a few minutes.
Seek immediate medical help if the hiccups have gotten worse and has not stopped even after trying the above remedies.

Home Remedies to Remove a Fish Bone Stuck in Throat

Only try these remedies if you’re unable to use your fingers to carefully take the bone out from the throat.

Olive oil or Virgin oil
Take a tablespoon of olive oil or virgin oil and wash it down with a ½ a glass of water. The oil acts as a lubricant and the water will help dislodge the bone and sent it into the intestines where the stomach juices will digest it or send it out of the colon.
Eat a banana and wash it down with a ½ a glass of water. The bone will get stuck to the fruit and travel out of the throat and into the stomach where it will be removed from the body through waste or will be dissolved by the enzymes in the stomach.
Toast and peanut butter
Eat a slice of toast which has a thick layer of peanut butter spread on it and wash it down with a ½ a glass of water. The bread and peanut butter will help dislodge the bone from the throat.
Boiled Rice dipped in melted butter
Shape the boiled rice into a ball which is small enough to swallow. Dip it in the some melted butter…

Home Remedies for Wrinkles

Honey and Vitamin E Mask for Wrinkles
Ingredients: 3 Vitamin E capsules2 tablespoons of plain yogurt1 tablespoon lemon juice1 tablespoon of honey
Remove the oil from the Vitamin E capsules and mix together with the yoghurt, lemon juice and honey. Set aside.
Wash the face with a mild baby soap. Pat dry and apply the vitamin E mask on the face avoiding the eyes and lips. Leave for ten minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Pat dry. Do not apply any makeup or moisturizer on the face until 24 hours has passed. Do this treatment twice a week.
Olive oil and Orange Juice Mask for Wrinkles
Ingredients: 1 teaspoon olive oil1 teaspoon orange juice1 egg yolk beaten2 tablespoons oatmeal
Mix together the olive oil, orange juice, egg yolk and oatmeal in a bowl. Set aside.
Wash the face with a mild baby soap. Pat dry with a clean wash cloth and apply the olive oil mask on the face avoiding the eyes and lips. Leave for 20 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. Pat face dry with a c…

Home Remedies for an Enlarged Prostrate Gland

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)  is a condition which causes a man’s prostrate gland to enlarge and get bigger. Men 40 years and over are the ones susceptible to an enlarged prostrate gland.

The prostrate gland shaped similar to a walnut is found around the urethra and is a vital organ for it produces a fluid that helps to nourish sperm. The urethra is like a tube through which urine from the bladder is sent to the penis. When the prostrate gland gets bigger it puts pressure on the urethra squeezing it and making it narrow. This in turn makes it difficult to pass urine effectively.
An enlarged prostrate gland can cause urinary tract infections leading to bladder and kidney damage.
Men over 40 are advised to have a prostrate examination done annually to detect if they may be suffering from an enlarged prostrate gland.
So how is a prostate examination done?
A digital rectal exam – also known as DRE is one type of prostrate examination where the doctor wears a rubber glove and inser…