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Are There Any Good Hangover Remedies

One good remedy is to not abuse your body by drinking more than what your body can handle. Drinking in excess will result in a sure hangover the next day.
Hangovers occur when our body is dehydrated.
So how does alcohol cause dehydration? Well have you noticed when you drink you tend to have to visit the bathroom often to urinate? This is because the liquid content in our body becomes more as we fill it with alcohol. The end result is our bladder gets full quickly and we have to urinate. At the same time our body also gets rid of some of the water content that’s stored in the body resulting in dehydration.
To prevent getting a severe hangover hydrate yourself before you go to bed by drinking 2 glasses of water.
Avoid dark colored drinks like whiskey, brandy, red wine etc since these drinks when taken in excess will give you a hangover.
Have a good hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs the next morning since eggs are a common remedy used by some heavy drinkers to bring relief to a hang…