Monday, December 8, 2014

Tips to Stop Bedwetting

Children tend to react to changes and sorrow in different ways. Some may show unusual changes in their behavior while others might wet their beds.

Bedwetting is common in children who have had to face a sudden change in their life such as a death of a loved one, moving to a new home etc. A child will also wet his bed if his bladder is full and he is unable to hold the urine as he sleeps.

Bedwetting can become a serious problem if not treated for your child may continue to wet his bed even after the age of 6. 

Before going to bed have your child use the bathroom.

Do not let him have any food or drinks which are rich in caffeine before going to bed.

Train your child to wake up when he has to urinate. You can do this by installing a bed wetting alarm or go into his room and wake him up at least twice during the night to take him to the bathroom. Do this for a few weeks and if he still tends to wet the bed, then its time to take your child to the doctor and seek professional help.

Watch the following video to learn more on How to Prevent Bed-Wetting.

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