Sunday, January 18, 2015

Fight Signs Of Premature Aging With This Rice Milk Face Pack

Yesterday during my morning walk I met a lovely young lady from China. I was taken by surprise when she touched my arm as I passed her and begin chatting with me. We talked about a number of things in that short time and one topic was about her skin.
I complimented her on how lovely her skin was. She told me her secret lies in the food she eats. She happens to consume a lot of soup based meals. Something else she revealed was how white jasmine rice when grinded finely and mixed with water top form a paste and then applied on clean face and left on for 15 minutes and rinsed with warm water can help one have clean soft young looking skin.
So today I went to the store and bought some jasmine rice and made a face pack with it which I applied on the face. After rinsing I saw a difference. My skin did not look so sluggish. I will be using this face pack at least twice a week and hopefully it will help me have a clean clear complexion.

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