Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How To Remove Toxins From The Brain

Did you know that just as it’s important to cleanse the body of toxins it’s also necessary to cleanse the brain? If not the body will suffer from a number of illnesses.

The simple method used for cleaning the brain is to sleep. Sleep removes waste from the brain plus a protein called amyloids. Amyloids have been found to increase one’s risk of dementia and hemorrhagic stroke.

Amyloids tend to accumulate on the brain artery walls. When this happens it’s not good news for amyloid buildup on such walls can cause apart from dementia and hemorrhagic stroke, impaired vision, problems with speech, seizures and headaches.

So if you want a healthy brain and don’t want to suffer from the above mentioned health problems then do the right thing and give your body and mind the sleep it needs.

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